Procables Shines with Consistent Eco-Friendly Recognition

The New Portfolio for Sustainable Goods and Services

procables2.pngSince 2010, Procables in Colombia has had a policy of Sustainable Production and Consumption to reduce the environmental impact of production companies. Companies are reviewed based on criteria such as: product life, reducing the use of hazardous materials, recyclability or use of materials and the efficient use of resources.

With regard to this policy, the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Tourism, in partnership with the Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development, has taken an initiative to encourage the purchase of sustainable goods and services and move toward changing purchase and consumption decisions. Sergio Diaz-Granados Guida, Minister of Commerce, Industry and Tourism, states that, "The momentum of these ‘green’ businesses contributes to economic change, to employment generation and development of a sector with high potential."

The 2013 Portfolio of Sustainable Goods and Services has been presented to national and international markets in order to promote the manufacture and consumption of sustainable goods and services. This publication was produced with the participation of 35 companies, which were selected to represent 32 market services. Procables has been recognized within this group based on its portfolio as well as its implementation of three key environmental programs. These programs are designed to replace hazardous materials and supplies, reduce waste, use copper and aluminum wire to more effectively draw sludge and re-use linking customer reels through a recycling incentive program.

The presence of initiatives like the Portfolio of Sustainable Goods and Services reveal new opportunities to increase productivity and enhance competiveness in different markets as Procables reaffirms its commitment to the environment through sustainable development.